Trump poster

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Did you know there was another leader in the annals of history who thought along the same lines as Mr. Donald? Genghis Khan. A benevolent guy just like Trump. Look him up and see all the nice things he did … Continued

Wild Eggs!

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I thought I should mention that my wife’s documentary film, Angry Inuk, been garnering enormous international acclaim. First it won the prestigious Audience Award at Hot Docs, then continued on to win awards at every festival it’s been to around the world. … Continued

Limiting your time

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I did this sketch in about 20 minutes.  It’s a great exercise to limit yourself once in a while, and I chose to give myself no more than half an hour to do a study, and in this case I … Continued


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I admit it: I draw characters and nuthin‘ but characters. So I’ve been giving myself a bit of challenge lately, to step outside my comfort zone and paint more landscapes and atmospheric images.  I’ve always shied away from landscapes, knowing … Continued


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Since I’ve been down South for over a month (once you live in the Arctic, the criteria for calling somewhere South is anyplace that has trees), I’ve met up with two powerhouses in the art world.  Although their two artistic … Continued

Failure is always an option

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It’s funny that my last post was about not letting the fear of failure cripple me so much, since that’s exactly what ended up happening with the piece I’m doing right now.  In the end, it wound up getting a … Continued

Sketchy sketch sketch

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Sometimes, much to my dismay, sketches turn out better than the final piece.  Maybe it’s because the raw idea comes shining through, or the fact that suspension of disbelief is so present in sketches that they trump a polished painting, … Continued

180 Man

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If you’ve known me for more than 5 minutes, you know how fickle my position can be on almost any subject.  One minute I’m for, the next I’m vehemently against.  I think this trait is an evolutionary advantage, a sort … Continued

The travelling illustrator

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One thing that’s great about being an illustrator is that you can work from anywhere.  One thing that sucks about being an illustrator, is that you can work from anywhere.  Deadlines and clients could care less where your hands are … Continued

Ye olde debate: Cintiq vs. Intuos

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About two months ago, I purchased the latest, greatest Wacom monitor: the Cintiq 24HD.  I was drooling all over my computer monitor whenever I’d pull up a youtube video of someone testing it out.  When I finally pulled the trigger … Continued

Thank you youtube

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I’m always amazed at the work others produce, and more especially when they take the time to make a video of them working.  Then edit it.  Then dub over it.  Then upload it to youtube.  For free.  I started a … Continued