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illustrator Jonathan Wright Art
illustrator Jonathan Wright

Did you know there was another leader in the annals of history who thought along the same lines as Mr. Donald? Genghis Khan. A benevolent guy just like Trump. Look him up and see all the nice things he did to people he didn’t like.

I still don’t know how he was voted in, but what I truly don’t get is how you let Trump stay in power.  It’s spelled i-m-p-e-a-c-h.

This image is obviously a play on the old wartime Uncle Sam poster.  I did it using only Procreate, and I’m really getting comfortable with the app now for doing things that I used to think you could only do in Photoshop. There’s no text feature, but the original poster had hand-drawn lettering, so I followed suit.

I’m still not completely sold on the hashtag line I came up with, but I’m keeping it for now- cause it makes me laugh!


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  1. dayne henry

    Awesome as always man! Love your painting style.

    I’m FINALLY going to get an iPad pro. I still have yet to try one out, but I can tell it’ll be the one for me.

  2. jonwright

    Great to hear from you, Dayne. My website and email (along with my wife’s) were hacked for a couple of months, so I couldn’t answer your questions from before. Sorry about that, but blame it on the hackers who think taking over an artist’s website is somehow lucrative! Not all hackers are the sharpest, I guess.

    And this image is really just a painting over of the original- most of the brush strokes are from the original. All I did was try to mimic the gorgeous style- so all props go to the artist who painted the poster so many decades ago. Man, were there ever a lot of skilled artists back then!

    And I can’t wait to see the stuff you produce when you FINALLY get yourself an iPad Pro either! Hehe! Show me or send me a link, and I’ll post it here for others to see if you’re up for it.


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