Wild Eggs!

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I thought I should mention that my wife’s documentary film, Angry Inuk, been garnering enormous international acclaim. First it won the prestigious Audience Award at Hot Docs, then continued on to win awards at every festival it’s been to around the world.  It’s a documentary about how Inuit have been affected by anti-sealing propaganda, and I got to play a small role in the film, having done the artwork and animation that went alongside the liveaction. (To be honest, I would’ve given her the cold shoulder if she had hired someone else.  Love you, honey!)  If you can, make sure to head out and see it. Hopefully there’ll be a theatrical release in the States to compliment its release in Canada- a feat I might add that not many documentaries every attain.  Unfortunately, most documentaries never make it to the box office since people are more interested in seeing crap on the big screen.

On more of a me-me-me note, check out some of these spreads I did for the commercial book Wild Eggs before taking time off to build our house. (I’ll do a post sometime soon showing y’all what the house is looking like, and some of the design details and features I’m proud of.  I’m an uber nerdy Construction Science guy.  Heck, I even did a stint at university in architecture. But I sort of dropped out after a year…after having dropped out of civil engineering.  Turns out I wasn’t meant for University, I guess.  But they had no problems whatsoever taking my money as I spent three years figuring that I like to make things with my hands instead of having my face buried in a textbook…But I digress.  Which I’m allowed to do since this is my website.  So there.) 

I wish I’d had the iPad Pro while illustrating Wild Eggs…my wrists were killing me using the large Intuos and the keyboard with all of its Siren-like shortcuts. I can really see how sloppy some of the work is since I couldn’t do any of the accurate work I’d’ve like to have done which is now second nature using Procreate on the iPad Pro.  Don’t get me wrong, it can be liberating (and fast) to work messily when you’re painting in photoshop, but when you want to do fine work, like tracing your lines, then the Intuos sucks.  Go check out my previous post on how much I’ve come to love the large iPad Pro.

All images courtesy Inhabit Media. Hope you like ’em!


Jonathan Wright illustrator Art
Jonathan Wright illustrator Art


Jonathan Wright courtesy Inhabit Media illustrator art
Jonathan Wright courtesy Inhabit Media
Jonathan Wright illustrator Art
Jonathan Wright illustrator Art


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  1. Dayne Henry

    Man… That’s some amazing work right there. Congrats!

    I’ve been researching all the new products for digital art (Surface Pro Studios, Wacom Mobile Studio Pro etc.), and I always get enamored by the new designs of the product ( It’s a trap!)… then I remember how much it sucks to draw on those devices. Cintiq was, and always has been a major let down. The Surface line is worse, that pen doesn’t feel natural at all. Really hoping the iPad Pro is going to do it for me, dying to see if it’s the chosen one.

    Again, beautiful work on those illustrations!

  2. jonwright

    Thanks, Dayne!

    I think the pursuit for the perfect digital tool is going to be a never ending one I’m afraid. I looked long and hard at almost everything out there, and I think I’ve come to accept that nothing’s gonna be perfect. So I decided to go with the iPad Pro, because in my mind it’s both the cheapest and best option available right now. Tech changes so fast that investing in really expensive hardware is crazy, especially since software is where the major innovations are taking place. Cintiqs Are nice pieces of kit, but it seems that no one has realized they’re drawing tools yet, and still keep creating software that’s based on the input of a mouse…photoshop and all adobe products work arguably best with a mouse, as they were built with them in mind. I don’t know why people don’t make gorgeous software like the app Procreate for desktop environments. Blows my mind.

    I too tried the Surface Pro 3, and holy crap, does that thing suck. I have no idea how people bought into that piece of junk. I’d honestly rather do digital work on a mouse. No joke.

    And I’m dying too to see what you finally decide on! Talk to you later.

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