Intuos Pro Companion: Product Review

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I’ve been fortunate enough to have been selected by Wacom to do some preliminary testing on one of their soon to be released products: the Intuos Pro Companion. This is my first true product review, so bare with me…

After all the hype surrounding the Cintiq Companion line, Wacom decided that the Intuos line needed a bit of boost as well, and designed the Intuos Pro Companion (IC). Now you all know my stance on the Cintiq line, so I wasn’t exactly surprised when Wacom had chosen me as one of their testers for the IC. And let me tell you, after two weeks of constant use of this thing, and I mean 24 hour a day, I have to say I love it!

At first it was a little loud, and kinda leaky, so I kept trying to see if there were any missing parts. I don’t really know how to take it apart, especially since I’m not that confident in my skills in being able to put it back together, so I’ve decided to just live with the noise. And actually the noise appears only after about 3 or 4 hours of  use, so I just take a bit of break, and it quiets down…strange, but it works. It must have some sort of built-in sensor that lets me know if it’s being overworked.  I haven’t really figured out why it leaks so much yet…

But perhaps the biggest advance with the IC is the wireless capability. I’ve only ever used the corded versions of Intuoses (what’s the plural: Intui?) and I’ve heard the battery life sucks on the larger tablets when you use the cordless attachment, so I was blown away by this thing. It’s truly wireless. I can actually leave the house once in a while with it and it still works! Crazy.

I head back to regular work tomorrow (where I only have my large Intuos5), and I definitely am going to miss the IC, with which I somehow managed to meet deadlines and do some freelance.  I don’t think I’ll be able to ever give it back- sorry, Wacom.

So all in all, I love the hell out of my new companion.


Oh, by the way: it’s the thing beside my old Intuos.  :)


Jonathan Wright Illustrator Intuos Pro Companion
Jonathan Wright Intuos Pro Companion

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  1. Papí-pb

    I’ve seen some scaling objects inserted into photos in my day, but this beats all. Now we know how tall your son is! lol

  2. Dayne Henry

    Mr Wright! I was doing some browsing, trying to figure out why I hate drawing on screen so much, when it seems like the planet swears by it. Then I found your article, it made my day. Also, it helped to verify that feeling that I’ve had about the cintiq line… Overpriced, and overrated. I still rock pencil and paper, touch ups and vector are done with my trusty intuos 4 medium.

    As for this Intuos Pro Companion… what the hell is it? lol, I can’t find any info on it anywhere, and was wondering what the differences are between this and the intuos pro line?

    Thanks for your time sir! Your work is awesome, by the way.

    – Dayne “Romidion” Henry

  3. jonwright

    First of all, I just found out your work, and was entranced! Beautiful line work, Dayne! Very sexy. That’s one thing I will admit to missing with the Intuos: you really can’t get the sinewy, clean lines that pencil or pen on paper gives you. Can’t have it all, though…

    And I was hoping I’d trip up a couple people with that product review: my newborn son’s the Intuos Pro Companion!

  4. Suzie Napayok-Short

    I love your artwork! I’d like to share on FB but it doesn’t have the app so I’ll save your images to put it out there that it is your beautiful work! Thank you for doing my story book too!

  5. Daria

    Is this what they now call Cintiq Companion?
    What are those stickers on your keyboard? :)

  6. jonwright


    Those stickers are the Syllabics alphabet my wife put on the keyboard. It made my life interesting for a while since I can’t understand Syllabics at all, and had to rely on my muscle memory for the English keys! (Syllabics is the alphabet used by Canadian Inuit…my wife is Inuk.)

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