Limiting your time

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Jonathan Wright Illustrator Art
Jonathan Wright Illustrator Art

I did this sketch in about 20 minutes.  It’s a great exercise to limit yourself once in a while, and I chose to give myself no more than half an hour to do a study, and in this case I found a photo of a mouse I just couldn’t pass up.

Working loose is something I really enjoy, as it forces me to see the overall values and colours, and not get too wrapped up in detail.  My arsenal of brushes is slowly growing, but I’m very discerning, so if I don’t use a brush for a week, then out it goes.  I made a brush that replicates traditional oil, and it allows me to very quickly add depth to a painting, while at the same time its relatively rough edges doesn’t allow me to get all fussy with detail.  I did however revert back to the old standby brush, the stock photoshop hard-round one (which is still the only one brush you truly need to do over 95% of all your work), for the whiskers and highlights.


Hope you like it.


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